We offer unique products and opportunities.

We offer products that are profitable and fun! SunSmiles sandals are conquering the sandal world, and we are looking for enthusiastic people who would like to start their own SunSmiles business or add SunSmiles to their collection. We sell wholesale sandals but we offer more! We love to share our sales experience with you so you can have a great start and lots and lots of sales!

This is what makes our sandals for women unique and profitable:

1: Our sandals are timeless and unique
2: Big size range from size 13 kids (30 EU) till 13 adult (43 EU)
3: Girls and women all ages love them so you will target a big market
4: It is a fashion item but also a great gift
5: You will never get stuck with a size 10 in red or a size 8 in yellow because all bases (soles) and upper     (Laces and boots) are sold separately
6: Your stock won't take up a lot of space, it is very compact
7: With a small sales wall of 14 feet (4.27 m) you can sell up to 60 pair per day
8: You order straight at the producer
9: Last bu not least! Great margin, great profit!

Everyone is searching for the world best business opportunity.


The steps to become a reseller:

1. Please create an account on our wholesale registration page.

2. We will contact you, check your account en business details.

3. We will activate your wholesale account

4. You are ready to place your first order :-)


We look forward to meeting you and talk about the options. 

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-Wholesale sandals
-Wholesale flip-flops
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You are at the right place!

Check out this video of our flagship store on Bonaire

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